Match, Read & Write

Vocabulary Builders for Reading and Writing Integrate context and concept and comprehension as the student builds vocabulary and improves writing skills. Action filled drawings provide a conceptual “big picture” of dozens of places and people. (The Whole) Picture/word cards (150+ pieces) show individual objects or people from the big pictures along with the word. The small picture and word is matched to the big picture. Students discuss the action and relate it to personal experience, incorporating the word into their oral language. (The Part) Students practice building sentences together in a pocket chart using the picture/word cards. They take their own set of picture/word cards back to their desks and write sentences or a story incorporating the words (writing prompts are provided with each group of words). (back to The Whole) Students then add the picture/word cards to their personal picture dictionaries for further reference. *Need a second language? There is enough room on each card to add any other language you require. Excellent for ELD, ESL, and Special Ed.